Man reading his phone on the street.
filling a contact lens case with contact lens disinfectant.
contact lenses, and contact lens case
Different lenses for different work environments. Hoya occupational lenses
image of cationorm eye drops
apple illustrating the diffenec between nomal vision and colour vision

Can I cure my colour blindness?

Very few people are colour blind.  Most people who have problems seeing colours have a colour deficiency.  It may be trouble seeing reds, greens or blue.  A person with a colour deficiency can still see colours they just can’t…
hoya myosmart lens

Treating Short sightedness with spectacle lenses

How we treat short sightedness (myopia) in children and teenagers has changed considerably over the years. Previously the only option was to correct vision and hope that the eyes would not continue to deteriorate. The last 5 years have seen…
image of person having an ipl treatment

A new treatment for Dry Eye

We recently started IPL Dry Eye Therapy at Eyes On Docklands. Using intense pulsating light this treatment gently heats the lids of the eye unblocking the glands as well as promoting blood flow to the eyelids. It has been shown to improve the…
inside the new eyes on collins st

After 40 years Eyes On Collins St has moved to a new home at Collins Square

A few years ago we were told that our building was to be demolished. After many months of looking for a new location we finally found our new home at Collins Square Docklands. We decided to create a totally new look with the same great range…
how macula degeneraton affects your central vision

Stem cells help regain sight for patients with macula degeneration

Two elderly patients in London have regained some eyesight after receiving retinal tissue that was grown from stem cells. The new retina was implanted under the existing retina. During the following 12 months the patients went from not being…