hoya myosmart lens

How we treat short sightedness (myopia) in children and teenagers has changed considerably over the years. Previously the only option was to correct vision and hope that the eyes would not continue to deteriorate. The last 5 years have seen an explosion of new treatment options for patients that can slow down or even stop the progression of myopia.

Current research has show that correcting myopia with normal lenses only corrects the central vision. The peripheral retina remains out of focus and this is thought to drive a further deterioration. One option is the Hoya MiYOSMART lens. This unique lens design corrects the vision in the central and peripheral part of the eye differently using small defocus segments in the periphery of the lens.

A recent six year follow up clinical study concluded that children aged between 8 and 13 years of age showed up to a 60% reduction in the progression of their myopia compared to children who only wore single vision lenses. Treating myopia in children rather than just correcting is now considered the best way to manage myopia. Our optometrist can discuss with you the most appropriate treatment option for your child.

Reference: Lam Et al, Myopia control in children wearing DIMS spectacle lens: 6 year results. ARVO 2022