From January 1 2015 Medicare significantly reduced the benefits paid for eye tests. This has resulted in a small out of pocket expense for many eye tests. As this amount can vary depending on the type of consultation required we recommend that you contact the practice that you wish to visit and they will discuss the options for you. Click the link: Locations

Contact lens technology has improved to a point where we can fit lenses for almost all types of prescriptions. Lenses are now more breathable, comfortable and resistant to dryness. As well as correcting distance vision problems such as short sightedness and astigmatism, we can now correct near vision problems.

There is no limit to how many times you can have an eye test. We recommend a health check every two years.

Extensive computer work will not damage your eyes. It can however exacerbate underlying problems with the visual system. A good rule to follow is the 20/20 rule. Every twenty minutes look into the distance for twenty seconds. This gives the eyes a break and helps prevent fatigue.

The answer is yes. We have the equipment to thoroughly assess the eye and in many cases can treat the condition. We can also organise a referral to a specialist if required.

There are many factors that determine your suitability for laser surgery. They include the type and amount of prescription that needs to be corrected as well as the thickness of your cornea. Your vision also needs to be stable before considering any treatment. Our optometrists can discuss the options with you and refer you to a specialist for further assessments. Our Docklands practice has a dedicated refractive co-management clinic where you can have all your pre and post operative assessments in the CBD.

Unfortunately in many cases there is no cure for dry eye. Treatments have changed and are no longer just about moisturizing the eye. Newer products now look at treating the underlying causes such as poor gland function. Our optometrists are experienced in the management of dry eye.

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