Melbourne CBD, Warrandyte and Mornington Peninsula


You don’t have to live with dry, itchy or watery eyes.


We cater for all with an extensive range of frames

At Eyes On Optometrists, you receive independent advice, advanced eyecare and a personalised approach.

We are an independent group of optometry practices located in the Melbourne CBD, Warrandyte and Mornington Peninsula.

Eyes On Optometrists have been serving our local communities for 20 years and with a combined 30 years’ experience we are incredibly passionate about your eyes and caring for your individual needs.

man with black leather jacket and black glasses sanding on a street
person on a slitlamp having an eye examination and being examined with a 90D lens

What makes us different?

  • Excellence in clinic care

    With over 30 years of clinical expertise and knowledge you can be confident that you are our number one priority.

  • Continuity of care

    The optometrist you see today will be the one who cares for you in the future.

  • Latest technology

    We have access to the latest diagnostic testing and eyewear technology.

  • Recommendation freedom

    Our independence allows us to recommend the best tailored eyewear and lens technology solution for you from a wide range of suppliers.

  • Beautiful looking eyewear

    We aim for an individual look to suit your needs and budget.

  • Qualified dispensers

    Our staff are qualified in the manufacturing of spectacles and are there to provide you with advice regarding the most suitable frame and lens technologies.

Digital Eye Strain

Australians now spend over 10 hours a day on digital devices. This can lead to tired, sore eyes and blurry vision. Digital eyestrain is becoming an increasing problem in our busy lives. New lens technologies such as blue light lens coating and Eyezen lens technologies can help alleviate the problem.  If you experiencing discomfort or blurred vision when using your computer, phone or other digital devices, it might be time to book an appointment.  Our optometrists can assess your eyes and determine whether you are suffering from digital eyestrain.

lady wearing glasses and using an ipad