One thing you will notice at Eyes On is that we don’t rush you. We take the time to get to know you and allocate a minimum of 30 minutes to all our consultations allowing us to fully understand your visual needs and provide you with the right advice and solutions.

Our standard consultation includes:

  • Discussion of your vision, general health and any concerns you may have.
  • An assessment of your vision and accommodation (focusing ability).
  • Health check including an examination of the front and back of the eye and macula check.
  • Digital imaging of the retina (back of the eye).
  • Any required additional tests including a pressure check for glaucoma.
  • Summary and advice about the health and management of your eyes.
a person having an eyetest at eyes on collins st


We also provide many additional services and these include:

  • Glasses and Contact lenses.
  • Children’s vision.
  • Contact lens fitting including multifocal contact lenses and specialty contact lenses.
  • Driving assessments for Vicroads.
  • Diabetic health checks.
  • Emergency care including referrals from GP’s.
  • Repairs and adjustments for glasses.
  • Low vision assessments (Our Low Vision clinic is only available at Eyes On Southgate) .
  • Macula health checks.
  • Sports Vision.
  • Glaucoma and Visual field assessments.


image of an Ocular coherence tomographer and scan of the retina


Digital retinal imaging is part of our standard comprehensive consultation. Using the latest Japanese and Italian technology we are able to capture wide angle images of the back of the eye. This enables us to more accurately assess the health of the eye and monitor changes. It is extremely useful in the diagnosis and management of macula degeneration and glaucoma.

Digital imaging is available at all of our stores.


Corneal topographers scan thousands of points on the surface of the eye, allowing us to build a map of the shape of the cornea.  This diagnostic test has many uses such as:

  • To improve the accuracy of complicated contact lens fitting.
  • Diagnosing and monitoring corneal conditions such as keratoconus and pterygiums.
  • Pre operative assessments for laser surgery.
image of medmont corneal topographer and scan of the cornea
image of an Ocular coherence tomographer and scan of the retina


OCT is a specialist diagnostic test which allows us to look deeper into the eye. Using an advanced laser system the OCT is able to scan through the various layers of the eye. It can even provide us with a 3D representation of the layers of the retina. In many ways it is like a MRI for the eye.

OCT testing is useful in diagnosing early glaucoma and macula diseases such as Macula degeneration, and fluid in the retina.

OCT testing is currently available at our Warrandyte, Queen St, Rosebud and Southgate Clinics.


Dry eye is increasingly becoming a problem in our daily lives. We have a number of non invasive tests which help use solve those persistent dry eye problems.

Using advanced imaging systems we can now scan the glands on the lids (meibography) to look for blocked or damaged glands.

Tears are a vital component to maintaining moist and comfortable eyes. Tear film layer scans allow us to scan the surface of the eye to determine the stability of the tear layer.

digital dry eye assessment
image of the icare tonometer


Eyes On was one of the first practices in Melbourne to adopt the new Icare technology to assess the pressure inside your eye. Unlike traditional technologies, the Icare tonometer doesn’t require drops or a puff of air. It is over in a matter of seconds.