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Dailies Total One: A new concept in disposable lenses

For many years not a lot changed in daily contact lens technology. The last 6 months however has seen the release of many new products. Alcon Dailies Total One is a totally new concept in contact lens design. Modern contact lenses use silicon hydrogel materials which provide high levels of oxygen to the eye but […]

Itchy Watery Red Eyes

If you suffer from these symptoms you may have allergic conjunctivitis. Allergic conjunctivitis occurs when the eye reacts to substances in the environment like pollen. This causes the eye to release histamine which causes the eye to become red, swollen and itchy. Traditionally antihistamines were used to combat the symptoms. New generation medications such as […]

We can now see deeper into your eye

We can now see deeper into your eye. OCT technology is a new way of assessing the healthy of the eye. Using a sophisticated scanning laser we can see through the layers of the retina and optic nerve. This allows us to detect the early signs of retinal diseases such as macula degeneration and glaucoma […]

3D Digital Imaging

Seeing the eye in 3D allows us to assess the health of the eye more accurately. Traditionally this involved using bright lights and drops. The Kowa retinal 3D camera allows us to take images that can be view through special glasses in 3D. This camera is located at our Southgate store.