contact lens splashing into water

For many years not a lot changed in daily contact lens technology. The last 6 months however has seen the release of many new products. Alcon Dailies Total One is a totally new concept in contact lens design. Modern contact lenses use silicon hydrogel materials which provide high levels of oxygen to the eye but tend to repel water which can cause discomfort and dryness. Alcon Dailies Total one use a water gradient technology. The central part of the lens has a low water content that gradual increases as you get to the surface of the lens. The benefit of this is greater all day comfort and reduced drying effects while still providing a more breathable lens. This lens is 6 times more breathable than traditional daily lenses which is good for the health of the eye. 

At Eyes On Optometrists we have access to all the major suppliers of contact lenses.

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