Patients often ask us, can I have my cataracts removed with laser? Only recently has laser become an integral part of some cataract procedures.

Cataract surgery has four basic steps:

    Make incisions in the cornea (front of the eye) to allow entry into the eye
    Open up the front of the lens
    Remove the cataract
    Place an artificial lens (Intra ocular lens or IOL)

Laser assisted cataract surgery uses a precise femtosecond laser rather than a blade to make the incisions in the first critical steps of surgery. Using a laser rather than a blade has a number of advantages:

    More precise incisions
    Perfectly shaped and centered openings to insert the artificial lens
    Easier removal of the cataract
    Overall a more gentle procedure

Currently Laser assisted cataract surgery is an optional procedure at some Melbourne cataract clinics. Should you be interested in this option our optometrists can provide you with more information and a appropriate referral.