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We all know the importance of protecting ourselves from exposure to the sun. While we all understand the need to protect our skin, it may come as a suprise to know that UV rays cause ten times more damage to the eyes than to our skin. It has been estimated that 20% of cataracts and almost 50% of pterygium treated every year in Australia are the direct result of sun damage. Damage to the eyes can occur directly from the sun but also from indirect exposure. Indirect exposure can include reflections from the water, windows, or buildings. While a hat will help, good quality sunglasses are the most effective way to protect the eye. Quality sunglasses are designed to protect you from both direct and indirect UV rays. Having a pair of sunglasses which fit correctly and have a slight wrap will provide you with the maximum protection. If you would to learn more about the best options for protecting your eyes, drop in to one of our stores to talk to one of our qualified staff.

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