We love Anti reflective (AR) lenses so much that we have made them our standard on our lenses. Normal hard coated lenses reflect light from the surface of the lens causing increased glare especially when driving at night, in the office and when using digital devices. AR coatings improve the look of your lenses and the quality of your vision by allowing more light through the lens and less reflections. Most AR coatings also include a UV blocker to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of ultra violet radiation. The lenses are specially manufactured in a vacuum coating machine that combines multiple layers of different coatings onto the lenses, that’s why AR lenses are sometimes referred to as multicoat lenses.

As well as improving the look of the lenses AR coatings have been found to:

  • Improve night driving by reducing the glare from cars and street lights
  • Reduce glare and reflections during the day
  • Improving the comfort when using digital devices such as computers and phones
  • Improved the appearance of your glasses.  The lenses appear clearer due to the reduced reflections
  • UV protection (if included in the AR coating)